At Cum-Laude, there is no commission fees on investments. Why you may ask?

We know how hard you work for your money, and we believe in helping you with those investments in ways that is in your best interest.

We take great value in the saying ‘trust is earned’. Trust is defined as having confidence, faith and hope in someone or something. To earn means to grow or to gain. If time is absent from this equation, it is not possible to gain or grow, and the definition of trust will play no part. Only with time can we grow value, which will lead to your trust in us.

At Cum-Laude we approach investments differently:

Active Fund Management

Switching of Asset Classes as economical cycle turn

Low costing structure

No Commission

Transparency on fees

Monthly statements

Quarterly performance reports

Advising on tax implications

Right funds at specific life stages

No penalties on short-term investments

No Initial fees

Common mistakes investors make:

High returns in short time

Withdrawing money after markets fall

Investment in high costing structure

Not keeping track of investment and the impact of inflation

Wrong risk profile for different life stages

Ignoring the math of losing money

High income that doesn’t effect clients capital

At Cum Laude Financial advisors, we do business with honesty, integrity, in a trust-willing and truthful way. With due diligent skills that will give you positive growth on your investment that will lead us to gain your trust.

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